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The Magical Nightlife of the Demimonde

Part 6: Leaving the Theatre

Leaving the Theatre captures the deflated feeling after the show as you leave the venue - a part of the evening that always holds a certain sadness for me. The magic has ended, and you have to shake off the glitter and feathers (till the next time) and return to normal, mundane life.

If one thing is missing from this set of lithographs it’s a backstage scene showing the performers getting ready. For me this is as much a highlight of the evening as actually performing. All of life is there in a microcosm of characters going about their business - in this case show business. It would have been insightful to see Toulouse-Lautrec’s view of the girls adjusting their costumes, fixing their hair and the clowns putting on their makeup. The preparation before the show is always a very special time and I have such a fondness for it! The glamorous flurry of powder, glitter and feathers flying everywhere backstage is unique to Burlesque cabaret I think.

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