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Justin's Birds of Barnes

Part 5: Equipment

What equipment you do use?

I’ve got a Leica AFO 77 scope which has a special adaptor that means I can use it with a small Leica Digi 2 camera - with this combination I can zoom to 2600mm which is incredible. My favourite camera is a D200 Nikon SLR with a Nikon ED80 telescope again with a special adaptor. The advantage of this system is that the adaptor goes straight into the body of the camera, so what I see through the viewfinder of the camera is exactly the picture composition I’m going to get. And it’s usually stuck at 1000mm - you can’t zoom, but that’s fine with me because I’m either going to do a head shot or shoot from a distance so I don’t zoom in and out anyway.

Do you take many shots and then edit them or are you very deliberate?

I usually take about 400 shots in a morning and then edit them down to about 70 and then choose one or two to go on my select file. I think we’ve probably got about 400 pictures that could go in the exhibition, from which we’ve chosen the final 70. But on file I have 50,000 photographs and the reason I don’t delete a lot of them is that they can be used as reference.

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