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Liquid Assets

Part 5: Neptune and Triton

"Then he called to the sea-god Triton, who rose from the deep ... Neptune bade him blow on his echoing conch shell ... all the waves which heard it were checked in their course ... the swollen rivers were contained in their channels ...." Metamorphoses I. (241-250)

The Council of Trent was hosted intermittently in the city of Trento, Italy (called Tridentum in Roman times) from 1545 to 1568. Rather later than other cities, it wasn’t until 1769 that a fountain was erected to commemorate the arrival of water. Like Cosimo in Florence, the consular magistrate erected the Neptune fountain by Giongo as a celebration of achievement. Water from the surrounding mountains supplies a lively display of water as the Tritons and sea creatures vigorously blow jets towards Neptune through their conch shells. The bronze Neptune stands above the pink and white marble fountain that gleams under the water spray. He gestures to the upsurge of water and the coats of arms that signify his command of water on behalf of the civic dignitaries.

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