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Affordable and better housing


How aware were you of your environment when you were growing up?

Well it was a very big part of my life. I was born in Morecambe, but we moved about a lot and the house was a big issue because we were always decorating. My dad bogged off when I was three, so I lived for the first seven years with my Nan, my Mum and my Grandad, and my Grandad was just constantly doing things around the house. There were always things being done: a bit of pebbledash going on this wall, or a bit of stone cladding going on that wall, and while it certainly wasn’t high architecture it was happening all around me.

And then when my Mum met my step-dad we moved to Blackburn and went to live in a high-rise flat, which was great. In around 1969-70 we bought a bungalow just outside Blackburn. Typical bungalow; they really haven’t aged very well at all. But Mum painted it orange, got purple shag pile carpets and I can picture every little bit of it, and all the work that went into the house. Everything visual I was always interested in - it was just part of life.

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