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Monet: Autumn Effect at Argenteuil

The Impressionists

"Impressionists" is the collective name for a group of highly talented young artists who exhibited together, including Monet, Renoir, and Cezanne. They were united by their dislike of the current standards of academic art (which they deemed to be false), and they also disliked the emotional sentimentality of Romantic art. They wanted an art that was detached and objective, but they did not want to follow the examples of the social realists whose art presented the sometimes grim realities of everyday human life. Landscape was their principal subject through which they could experiment with their objective of recording their impressions. The young artists who formed the original Impressionist group in the 1870s soon went their own different ways, but it was Monet who remained the most dedicated and consistent exponent of Impressionism.

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