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Gauguin: Samuel Courtauld's alter ego?

Part 5: Do you believe in an alter ego?

Perhaps Sam Courtauld was intrigued by the life history of an artist who chose to abandon a comfortable life of worldly riches and public respectability for an art whose principal characteristics were spiritual and physical communion and sensual poetic suggestion. Such a life, together with its poverty, public rejection and abandonment of responsibility towards wife, children and public duty, would not have suited Courtauld’s temperament. But perhaps it had an appeal if kept at a safe and unthreatening distance. I had rather hoped as I researched and wrote this piece that I would find a happy coincidence - for example that Gauguin and Courtauld shared the same birthday - or better still that they were both born under the star sign Gemini, the Heavenly Twins. Geminis notoriously have need of an alter ego - I know, I am one. Needless to say my hopes were dashed, but not completely. Gauguin was born on June 7th, and was indeed a Gemini. Sam Courtauld was bon on May 7th - a Taurean. Almost a bull’s eye, and near enough a direct hit to make me believe that there is something of merit in my alter ego speculation.

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