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Orcagna, Andrea, fl. 1343-1368 (1)
Orchardson, William Quiller, Sir, 1832-1910 (1)
Orestes (Greek mythology) (7)
Orleans, Adelaide-Louise (d. 1847) (1)
Orleans, Ferdinand-Marie Henri Charles d' (d. 1873) (2)
Orléans, Ferdinand-Philippe-Louis-Charles-Henri, duc d', 1810-1842 (46)
Orléans, Hélène-Louise-Elisabeth de Mecklembourg-Schwerin, duchesse d', 1814-1858 (2)
Orléans, Louis Philippe, duc d', 1725-1785 (1)
Orpheus (Greek mythology) (15)
Orsini, Ivan, Saint, Bishop of Trogir, 12th cent (1)
Orsini, Vicino, 1523-1585 (16)
Orthodox Eastern Church (73)