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Edge, C. (1)
Edge, K. (10)
Edmonds, E. (4)
Edward I, King of England, 1239-1307 (14)
Edward II, King of England, 1284 - 1327 (1)
Edward II, King of England, 1284-1327 (9)
Edward III, King of England, 1312-1377 (1)
Edward VI, King of England, 1537-1553 (17)
Edward VII, King of Great Britain, 1841-1910 (9)
Edward, King of England, ca. 1003-1066 (3)
Edward, Prince of Wales, 1330-1376 (1)
Edward, Prince of Wales, 1453-1471 (1)
Edward, Prince of Wales, called the Black Prince, 1330-1376 (4)