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Arago, F. (François), 1786-1853 (1)
Arcadius, Emperor of the East, 377?-408 (3)
Archer, Thomas (1)
Archiduc Albert (2)
Argles, J D K (1)
Argus (Greek mythology) (2)
Ariadne (Greek mythology) (6)
Arianists (2)
Ariel (3)
Ariosto, Lodovico, 1474-1533 (1)
Aristaeus (Greek deity) (2)
Aristarque (1)
Aristophanes (1)
Arminius, Prince of the Cherusci (1)
Armstrong, W. G. (William George), Baron, 1810-1900 (3)
Arniston, Robert Dundas, Lord, 1713-1787 (2)
Arnold, Abbot of Kelso (11)
Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 (1)
Arnold, Thomas, 1795-1842 (4)
Arnolfo, di Cambio, 13th cent. (4)
Artemis (Greek deity) (5)
Artevelde, Jacques van (1)
Arthur, King (1)
Arthur, Prince of Wales, 1486-1502 (4)
Arthur, Prince, Duke of Connaught, 1850-1942 (1)