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Spackman, Isaac (1)
Spada, Lionello (1)
Spada, Valerio (1)
Spani, Prospero (il Clemente) (12)
Spanish 16th Century (1)
Spanish 16th Century (Valencia) (1)
Spanish 17th century (Talavera de la Reina) (1)
Spanish 17th Century (Valencia) (1)
Spanish 19th century (1)
Spanish or Portugese School (?) 18th Century (1)
Spanish or Portugese School 17th Century (1)
Spanish School 17th or 18th century (Seville?) (1)
Spanish School 17th century (Seville or Cordoba) (1)
Spanish School 18th Century (Seville) (1)
Spanish School early 16th Century (Seilern Master) (1)
Spanish School early 18th Century (1)
Spanzotti, Giovanni Martino (1)
Spavento, Giorgio (49)
Specchi, Alessandro (1)
Spence, Basil Urwin (1)
Spence, Bejamin Edward (1)
Spencer, C. (2)
Spencer, Stanley (3)
Spinazzi, Innocenzo (2)
Spinello Aretino (1)
Spinnazzi, Angelo (1)
Spitzweg, Carl (1)
Sporer, Fidel (1)
Spranger, Bartholomaeus (2)