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Three Interiors by Guercino

Part 2

At first glance, these drawings seem to have little to do with Guercino’s paintings of more noble subject matter. Guercino painted otherworldly characters such as saints, mythological gods and goddesses, and allegorical figures, all with the same degree of dignity as seen in his drawings of everyday characters. Guercino observed and recorded his surroundings in these small vignettes of every day life to then create a more beautiful version of the world in his paintings.

Aside from the mere comic effect of these drawings, Guercino also takes pleasure in the simplest moments of life by extracting beauty from seemingly insignificant instances. We catch a glimpse of the daily routines of the woman at her mortar and pestle, the bakers hunched over their rolls, and the two women with wet hair, all equally absorbed in their tasks. Guercino ennobles these mundane, every day acts, by charging them with a sense of intimacy and loveliness.

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