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Diptych - Virgin and Child and a Donor
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Diptych - Virgin and Child and a Donor

Circa 1490-00

Flanders (Bruges) 16th century (1500 - 1599)

Oil on panel

Height: 37.2 cm ( left panel ); Width: 27.2 cm ( left panel ); Height: 36.1 cm ( right painted surface ); Width: 26.4 cm ( right painted surface ); Width: 81.5 cm ( frame ); Height: 57.5 cm ( frame ); Width: 26.7 cm ( left painted surface ); Height: 35.9 cm ( left painted surface ); Depth: 0 ( frame 5 cm); Height: 37.1 cm ( right panel ); Width: 26.9 cm ( right panel );

Acquisition (source, method, date)
Lee of Fareham, Arthur Hamilton (1st Viscount); bequest; 1947

About this work
The diptych was a popular format in the Netherlands for expressing devotion to the Virgin and Child. Here, Christ responds to the young man’s prayer with a gesture of benediction. In his other hand he holds cherries, symbolising Heaven’s rewards.

The continuous landscape background unifies the two parts of the diptych. Yet the parapet on which the donor leans indicates the demarcating line between him and the sacred figures he worships. (Permanent collection label)

Copyright: © The Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, London

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