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A Bar at the Folies-Bergère


Favourable criticism

"It is one of the best, the most original, most novel, and most harmonious paintings he has produced... The time will come when he will be ranked as the Goya of France"
Louis de Fourcaud, Gaulois, May 4

"Here is something seen, sincerely and afresh, and it shakes us out of our routine... If Manet were Spanish... you would all exclaim that it was a miracle"
Émile Bergerat, Voltaire, May 10

"The essential quality of the painting consists not in the vulgar type of woman but in the accurate vision of things, of their coloration, of their luminous vibration, of their fluctuating and transient appearance, so fugitive and swift... the immediate conquest of the artist over the world of external phenomena... which will not be lost in the future."
Ernest Chesneau, Annuaire illustre des beaux-arts

"There is no denying it; Manet's art is entirely his own. He has not borrowed it from museums, he has taken it from nature"
Albert Wolff, Figaro Salon

George Heard Hamilton, Manet & His Critics, Yale University Press, 1986

Unfavourable criticism
Duret on Manet

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