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About the Art and Architecture Web Site

Useful Tips

You may find the following tips useful when navigating A&A.

  • Use the Back button on your browser! We have tried to keep the appearance of the site uncluttered by not covering it with links that do exactly the same as the browser back button, but it is the best way to get, for instance, from an Image display page back to a set of results.
  • Every thumbnail image is a link to a page with a mid-size version of the image and related information, links and features.
  • Every mid-size image is a link to the large-size version.
  • Wherever you see a number in brackets after a word, you can click the number to see all the pictures associated with that word: the number is the number of images that will be listed when you follow the link.
  • Whenever any browse or search or link takes you to more than one image, you will be taken to the Results Page, with those images listed.
  • To keep track of images while browsing the site, un-registered users can put them in the Folder: just click the Add to Folder link at the foot of the page.
  • If you are a registered user, it is worth logging in when you visit the site so that the History feature can keep track of the images you have looked at while logged in over a series of sessions.

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